Owens Corning Oakridge shingles are a type of roof shingle that offers superior protection and lasting beauty. These shingles are engineered to be strong, durable, and resistant to extreme weather conditions, making them a great choice for homeowners who want a long-lasting roof that looks great. The unique design of the Oakridge shingles is what makes them so special. They feature a specially formulated asphalt core and a patented nailing zone that eliminates the need for extra nails in installation. This design helps create an airtight seal against wind and water damage, ensuring maximum weather protection. Additionally, the Oakridge shingle’s shadow lines give it an attractive 3D look that adds texture and dimension to your roofline.


The Oakridge line of shingles also features color saturation technology which ensures consistent color throughout each individual shingle and from one bundle to the next. This results in fewer inconsistencies in shade and hue, creating a more uniform look across your entire roofline. For added protection from UV rays, the Owens Corning Oakridge Shingle line also features advanced stain guard technology which helps reduce discoloration caused by algae growth on the surface of your shingles.


For those looking for energy efficiency, the Oakridge line of shingles also offer superior insulation thanks to their thick mat base which helps minimize heat transfer between attic spaces and living areas beneath the roofline. As well as providing insulation benefits, these thicker mat bases also help reduce sound transfer between rooms too – making them an ideal choice for homeowners who want added peace and quiet throughout their home all year round! Plus with a limited lifetime warranty provided by Owens Corning on their Oakridge line of shingles, you can rest assured knowing your roof will be protected against defects should any arise during its lifetime.When it comes to roofing pricing, it’s important to consider a variety of factors that may influence the cost. These include the size and complexity of the roofing project, the quality of materials used, and the time required to complete the installation. Additionally, labor costs can vary greatly depending on the region in which you live as well as any specialized certifications or qualifications held by your contractor. Please visit https://indianapolisroofing.com to schedule a free inspection and consultation! If you are in need of other home improvements, please visit our other division: https://paintersindianapolis.com 

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